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Ok, I went today to check out the Extreme Plus in BK Timezone Auckland. From what I have heard from Liam and Ross about the one in Wellington, I get the feeling we do NOT have the same one as the one in Wellington. Following are some pictures I took of it - please take a look at them and tell me if it's the same.

Ok, what is with the provocative images? I seriously don't get it.

It's not overly clear in this picture, but there's a shiny black male torso in the background.

Scoreboards look different to Extreme but the courses appear to be the same ones as on Extreme.

This is what seemed to pisss people off a lot: more square arrows. Personally I do not have any difficulty with them and don't find them too different.

The title screen. It took me a while to figure this out, but the image in the background is a chick, and the rounded part on the right is her tit covered in fishnet of some sort. This is hideous and the main part which leads me to believe it's not Konami. However, there is still no nudity (and if you don't look closely it really looks like a foot).

The interface is almost identical to Extreme, aside from (a) slightly different background colour on song bars, (b) different dance gauge (the freeze stream etc circle), and (c) floating dancers in the background.

Pretty much identical.

Option select screen. Identical. Not laggy, all options available on all modes.

Speed up songs... didn't personally try this out but p373r says it works fine.

NEW FEATURES. These being... um... the speed thing above... and that's it.

Showing that nothing has been unlocked. However all songs are available to play.

This bit showing you how to play is still the same.

BUT IS IT? I say no. For one, this is the old Konami logo. Secondly, it seems common knowledge over the net that this (and Megamix) are poorly done hacked copies. However the Auckland one does not appear to have the defects that the Wellington one has - ours is not laggy, it's crisp, not lacking in options, and doesn't have the amount of porn I've been told the Wellington one has.

Liam (or someone else with camera/cameraphone), wanna take some pictures of your one? I'll host pictures.

PLEASE comment and tell me if it's the same or not.
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