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There Is Still Hope!

First: The sooner Konami know about this, the better,

Second: I wrote a letter for the manager of TimeOut in Porirua. I enclose it below within the LJ-CUT.

Take note that this is not neccesarily the final copy of the letter. I'm handing it in on Thursday, so it can still be revised. Any ideas or suggestions are welcome, and if you think this letter is actually any good feel free to adapt it to your own local arcade.

Dear Manager of TimeOut Porirua,

As a frequent player of the game DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) an issue has come to my attention that I feel you should be made aware of.
The TimeZone brand of arcades run by Coin Cascade have all simultaneously made a move to replace their “Dance Dance Revolution Extreme” games with a newer version called “Dance Dance Revolution Extreme Plus”. This has caused an uproar within New Zealands community of DDR players. This newer version is in fact a bootleg. Konami, who own and market the Dance Dance Revolution brand have nothing to do with the Plus variation.
The Plus version removes certain features available on the game, and whilst it claims to offer new features it only offers one: The ability to change the speed of the game, giving each person who plays it the option of speeding up the machine by 10% or 20%. It should be noted that this change of speed is done by overclocking the hardware in the machine, which puts the hardware at risk of overheating and causing damage. Even if no damage is sustained the components will wear out faster. Shockingly this is not the main concern this machine causes.
DDR players across the country, mostly in the Wellington and Auckland regions are boycotting this machine indefinitely. Some are going as far as boycotting the TimeZone brand entirely. These people together spend THOUSANDS of dollars on DDR, which means a big loss for the arcades in question. TimeZone in Manners Mall is one of these arcades. They are set to lose a lot of money to the nearby TimeOut Xtreme arcade in Manners Street which still has a legit machine. For Coin Cascade in general they are set to lose a lot of publicity because their planned DDR Competition at the Armageddon Pop Culture Expo later this year looks set to be cancelled. The people appointed to run the competition are part of the boycott of these bootleg machines.
The reason I write to you about this is that I understand it is possible that you may have the opportunity to “upgrade” your legit DDR machine to this illegal bootleg. I am hoping that you avoid this upgrade and stick with your existing machine setup.
In case you need further convincing, one member of the boycott has contacts within the international corporation that is Konami, and Coin Cascade may soon face legal action for using these bootlegs.
If you have any questions, email me monotone _ _
Thank you for your time,

Chris *second name blanked out for this internet publishing*

[EDIT:] rdqn displayed some pictures of the Auckland Extreme Plus, which unfortunately, were shitty pictures. Clearly not her fault, rather it was the lighting, however I found a website with an entire gallery of Extreme Plus pics to compare to:
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