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The official Deep Impact v2.0 community

I can't stop crying buckets of tears!

Deep Impact v2.0
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This is the official board for the Deep Impact v2.0 DDR team. v2.0 hopes to promote equality and friendship between its members and aims to make DDR fun again. The team is open to anyone who wants to join, providing you are willing to accept the following criteria:

1) DDR is about having fun, nothing more.
2) All players are equal, regardless of skill level.
3) There are no leaders or egos in Deep Impact v2.0.
4) Everything must be decided by a democratic vote.

Apart from that, feel free to join up and take part. We plan to have regular meetings, arcade visits, movie nights, parties and all those other fun things. We hope that you have fun being part of a group of guys and gals that love playing DDR and love hanging out. (^_^)