Li (unit22) wrote in deep_impact,

Fun with freestyle

Howdy everyone. I'm interested in cruising on down to Timezone on Saturday and getting a freestyle session going. What I figured we could do is chuck in a bunch of tokens... uh, card swipes and do the whole two at a time thing. Basically, two people go on, pick a song, dance their little socks off and then two more people go on. You basically cycle through the songs that way. The reason for doing this is it makes the wait seem smaller when waiting for your turn and it keeps the flow going nicely.

Now, the aim of this is to DANCE! I don't want to see anyone do anything with Max or Survivor in the title, unless of course you rule enough to freestyle to it (at which, you officially get the title of God). It doesn't matter if you go on Light, Standard, Heavy or even Beginner, as long as you are getting down, shaking some ass and having a good time. The idea behind this is to bring the dance back to Dance Dance Revolution. Also, please don't go "Awww, I'm gonna suck" and not come, because the whole point is to practice to get better. ^_^

It might also be nice for a few people to get together and practice routines, especially as I think there is going to be a section for it at Armaggedon.

I have things to do now, but you guys let me know what you think, eh? Ta muchly. ^_^

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