Li (unit22) wrote in deep_impact,

You know you want to

Just for those of you that don't have me on your friends lists (shame on you!). Sorry about the people that have to see this twice! <3

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*cries* Waddles like a penguin? You do on R3!
Eh? I only play R3 like that when I'm tired. It's a tired song, like Spin the Disc! =P
Just as long as you go the whole way and do the whole "penguin arms" too. :P
Wish I could come, but Rose has a different holiday time to mine.

Just from the poster itself, Rose = pwn3d
Where's your loyalty, bitch
He's not dumb, he knows that he doesn't need to root for you, because you're already rooted. >:)
Gah! Forgot you can read that.
I'm still loyal to you! PLEASE don't stop feeding me!
It'll just be really great if you can make a banner with a better penguin (or other animal), so I can be more loyal to you. You know you want more loyalty from me >=D

Remember what you said: "I'm so GAY! For YOU!"